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.by Sandra Barr on Friday, 26 August 2011 at 15:38.PLEASE CIRCULATE FAR AND WIDE

Im sure that there are 1000's of people like myself, who are horrified at the genocide being commited by NATO in Libya, and I am sure that most people are like myself, and feel really helpless about the situation.

This morning I descided to take a more proactive approach.

I phoned Westminster and asked how I could have David Cameron charged with war crimes and genocide. They told me to contact my local conservative office and see if they could help!!!!!

Number for Westminister 020 7219 4272.

I called the foreign Office (020 7219 4272). I was told that all complaints about the actions of NATO in Libya should be made in writing to the Foreign Office. The lady I spoke to was very sympathetic, in fact so sympathetic that she admitted she to was horrified by their actions, still she could not help me, other than the advice to document and write to the FO. I will be doing this later today.

I phoned my MP, who will call me back when he gets into his office.

NATO HQ in the Hague Netherlands, do not have a contact phone number, but I will also be emailing them.

Lastly, I phoned the International Criminal Court (0031 705 158 515). I was told to document the charges against NATO, and email it to them. I have done this, and I would urge everyone to also do it.

If enough of us shout, they have to hear us, please circulate this note, and PLEASE PLEASE, take the 5 mins to copy and paste the email, and send it to the ICC.

This is such a small thing to do, but if thousands of us inundate the ICC with these charges, they will be forced into a corner, and they will have to act. NATO are acting as if they have immunity from all international laws, and the reason they get away with so much, is because we all give off but do nothing! They must be held accountable for their crimes.

Please feel free to re-edit, correct grammar or anything else you see fit to do. the following is the email I sent:

International Criminal court email sent 26/08/2011

NATO members that have been participating in air strikes in Libya include France, Britain, the United States, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, and Italy.

I would like to make formal charges against the NATO alliance for war crimes committed in Libya.

France, Britain, United States, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands and Italy are joint members of the NATO alliance, and have all broken their UN mandate, and committed a catalogue of war crimes in Libya.

Because of their influence over the main stream press in my country (UK), I cannot even give a full and complete list of their crimes.

But the following crimes are documented, and I demand that the ICC take appropriate action, and have the leaders of the NATO alliance charged with these heinous crimes.

13 May 2011: The murder of 11 Muslim Imams in Brega.

30 April 2011: The bombing of the Downs Syndrome School in Tripoli

30 April 2011: The bombing of a Gaddafi residence, murdering Saif Gaddafi, his friend and 3 Gaddafi children.

12 June 2011: The bombing of the University of Tripoli. Death toll not yet established.

22 July 2011: The bombing of the Great Man made Waterway irrigation system, which supplies most Libyans with their drinking water.

23 July 2011: The bombing of the factory which makes the pipes for the water system, and the murder of 6 of its employees.

8th August 2011: The bombing of the Hospital at Zliten. Resulting in the murder of a minimum, of 50 human beings, many of them children. The bombing of hospitals is against all international laws, and a most grievous crime.

9 August 2011: The bombing of the village of Majer, resulting in the murder of 85 civilians. 33 Children, 32 women and 20 men.

The persistent on going bombing of the civilian population in Zliten and Tripoli, death toll not yet established. NATO are committing genocide and I DEMAND that the ICC address this matter with urgency.

David Cameron has admitted that UK special services have assisted the terrorists on the ground, this is against the UN mandate which allowed NATO to intervene in Libya, and is a war crime.

Many of the rebels have been identified as Al Qeada members, NATO working with known terrorists is a war crime, and against all international laws.

It is also my belief that NATO lied about their reasons for invading Libya, I demand that the ICC investigate these lies, and hold the NATO alliance responsible.

I also charge the ICC with working with NATO to spread propaganda and fear among the Libyan people, namely by announcing that the NTC had in their custody Saif al Islam Gaddafi and Muhammad Gaddafi, the night the terrorists (NTC) entered Tripoli. This was lies, and clearly shows collusion between the TNC terrorists and the ICC.

Libya is not Afghanistan or Iraq, and NATO will be held accountable for their crimes in Libya.

As this is a matter of great urgency, I demand that the ICC address these charges immediately, as the genocide is on going.

I am not a lawyer, and I have no legal training, but as a citizen of the UK & EU I demand justice. NATO are acting illegally, UK tax money is financing this travesty, and under EU and international law the ICC must deal with the charges I have documented, with the utmost seriousness.

Yours Sincerely Sandra Barr

Documentary evidence of the crimes.

The following link shows that before NATO decided to bomb Libya, the UN were going to bestow a humanitarian ward to Muammar Gadaffi! this is the contact on line form for the British Foreign Office. I have emailed them and demanded David Cameron be arrested for war crimes.

A Libyan man shows the body of a child to journalists visiting the mortuary of a hospital in Zliten on August 9, 2011 as Libyan authorities accused NATO of a "massacre" of 85 villagers in Majer, 10 kms (six miles) south of Zliten, in air strikes in support of rebels.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Police are from the public for the people

Police are from the public for the people

Be mindful of distractions. We must not lose sight of the main issues that were going on before these riots.
The government/s and top police officers were/are involved with Rupert Murdoch of News International, with strong suggestions of corruption, that have to date led to the resignation of two of the UK top policemen ; Met Police Commissionaire, Sir Paul Stephenson
And John Yates
As well as this, the condem unelected non people government demand unjust cuts backed by unjust laws that are affecting everyone including the police & armed forces. These unjust cuts, if they are allowed to continue with no investment into community & children’s futures will result in a desolate prospectless future.
We as a Nation need integrity, truth, understanding and compassion. The top house must be set in order.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Cuts Camden People Fight Cuts Feb 28th UNITE JOIN AS ONE 26th March London

STOP THE CUTS Camden People rally to Fight Cuts Monday February 28th All People throughout the lands UNITE JOIN AS ONE 26th March London People's Assembly on MassWE need a new Staring point a NEW People's Constitution, made for the people for the PeopleHow many people would like to see the following, Point one as a starting point?The People's CharterThe 26 Points1. We the People are demanding The law of the land apply within parliament with a fully transparent and a just system favouring democracy of the people, whereby the government and police are held to account for their actions against the people.2. We the People are demanding that members of parliament appointed and acting on behalf of the people shall have no other vested interest other than that of the people.3. We the People are demanding an end to injustice.4. We the People are demanding an end to illegal wars.5. We the People are demanding banks give their bonus money back and return monies borrowed from the public purse.6. We the People are demanding that all Mp's pay back their expenses claims, any members who are shown to have claimed more than 10,000 in any one year will be sacked unless just cause can be shown as to why it was so excessive.7. We the People are demanding that banks stop operating as high profit businesses, and stop investing in non sustainable assets. Furthermore that 50% of their gross profits will be directly reinvested to benefit all people and the environment.8. We the People are demanding an end to mortgages.9. We the People are demanding access to affordable houses and housing for all unarmed response unitWhat about the innocent approach? Dressed for lawful order and peaceful protest, not for battle. The UK government is openly and harshly condemning the abuses being carried out on People in Middle East with police and security forces acting unlawfully and in direct contravention of human rights. Now is the test; if the people on the 26th all act peacefully but firmly then they will be able to push past the points of least resistance. If the police then choose to be aggressive, the People should all move in a big or many small circle/s towards an objective/s for the point/s of change, there are several places TO DEFEND FOR THE PEOPLE.If these places belong to the people then the people should try to keep them in order and maintain their integrity for defence.Kettling Downing Street and Parliament is not an inconceivable move with enough of the collective People.Instead of grab your banners and pitch forks, it's grab you banners, tents and provisions, mobile phones, cameras and balls. If the police are then openly aggressive to innocent peaceful people it will be clear and viewed by all, not just here, but around the world. This will be a powerful message in the truth.This time we come in peace not surrender. This is not to say people should not protect themselves, we openly encourage it, as it is almost 100% predictable that when faced with such numbers and non compliance, police will choose to act unlawfully against the peaceful protestors. It is Now Time for the police to choose who they defend, the rights of the People or the unlawful moves made upon the People by the government/s, who are by their own hand acting illegally.People have the right to peaceful protest. At this point the choice of how the police respond to peaceful resistance and non compliance will be theirs and theirs alone.It is suggested that with open hands instead of fists the day may see change without blood shed. Integrity and responsibility must be an integral part of the People's actions collectively on the day of the 26th of March and for the following days.If the police and government/s do not have integrity, honour and scruples about them, this does not mean that we the People should loose ours or our objectives for peaceful change. This countries illicit government/s and MPs with their arms sales to oppressive regimes are proclaiming it is in full support of democracy and people protesting peacefully. So it is NOW TIME to call their bluff, no rough stuff, be tough and resilient, after all we must give them a choice to leave on their own merit or by the will of the people. If the regime then chooses to be openly violent when they are not being faced with peaceful résistance, then after 24 hours of order the cheek will turn back and face its oppressors

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

under the present government our countries Union is at stake

15th February
During the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill

MP Paul Murphy suggests that under the present government our countries Union is at stake. Let us keep the people represented, unite 26th March against tyranny and injustice

The word on the street and in the homes is that everyone is sick to the back teeth of this quango government, ordering the free people of the Kingdoms to bail out the rich, by suffering their unjust cuts, increased taxes, and draconian laws.
Let us stand together in this our land
For truth and integrity
For just laws and freedom
For ourselves and each other

March 26th London High Noon
Be there stand for you, your family and friends, no retreat, no surrender
March 26th London High Noon

Mp's were moaning that it was taking so long to decide this countries laws and constitutions. Never once have they consulted the people.

MP's voting on an amendment to Lord Amendment 16

The amendment would overturn Lord Pannic’s amendment which would allow constituencies to be 7.5% bigger or smaller than the electoral quota

Division result are expected 1900

The ayes had it, and then there was a lot of jeering

On the next point of the bill
The house disagreed with the Lords amendment
Division found again
Lobby cleared

Division results expected 19;15

320 ayes
249 no

Ayes have it

On and on it goes; politicians, the rich, the Judges changing the rights of the People's without proper consultation or true transparencies.
Government consistently clear to change bill without underpinning the principles of the bill
System for drawing up constituencies where they say voters will have a fairer say.

They say a lot for and on behalf of the masses, what do you the people say?

March 26th London High Noon
Be there stand for you, your family and friends, no retreat, no surrender
March 26th London High Noon

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Save your land

View Save Our Forests in a larger map

Job cuts, EMA cuts

Education cuts, lack of investment into future jobs for the people.
Excessive unaffordable house prices, the lack of social housing, coupled with over priced rents charged by landlords, low wages, 20% VAT, Poll Tax ( where’s the community in that charge?)
The continued dilution of the NHS, with private health companies hiring NHS operating theatres leading to private companies competing for space and time with NHS patients. The NHS belongs to the people it is the people’s right to access the best health care.
The sale of the people’s lands is a very worrying development, with forests being sold throughout England to the highest bidders, open to foreign investment and private companies.

These forests are part of our heritage

We are rational people with the hearts of lions.
We all know the truth of what exactly is going on within our country.
This great injustice forced upon us.
It is “Now Time” the time for all of Britain United to say NO under one umbrella. This daylight robbery and unaccountability to the people by politicians, government officials, Law Lords, councils and the banks cannot be allowed to betray both people and country.

Word up for 2011

We are all in "Now Time" 2011

Increasingly around the World we are seeing many more people rising up and fighting against oppression from their so called leaders of the People.

So far this year 2011 Tunisia's People have stood united in their fight against tyranny and injustice. Rightfully the people demand their rights to autonomy and justice.
In recent weeks we have seen the youths and adults of Egypt take to the streets to demand their rights as people. Though little is mentioned of Iran, people are still marching and fighting against their oppression.
If we look around the world we will see the people are waking up, and standing up against tyranny, oppression and injustice.
Can you feel the force?
Stand up and be counted individual in you, strive for all that is your best.
United with all we are on the front line and we must lead by example as a democracy and resist cuts and irregular/illegal activities by the governments.

We must not allow our heritage to be stolen and sold off so that the fat cat's gets fatter. All we, as people, have fought and strived for cannot be allowed to be blatantly thrown onto the scrap heap.
We must unite to fight for what is right.
Banks must be forced to pay back all bonuses paid out since the economic crash last year 2010.
The Government must allow the people their rights to fairness and justice
If we want change, then we must be the change we wish to see.

1.Sign the “New” People's Constitution where all are held accountable to the people
2.A fully transparent system run by the people for the people with the environment taking the lead
3.Network this call to all.

For further information on proactive movements for positive change, and other activities please see the following links;

Substantial change needed

Bonus season £81 billion in public sector cuts
Meanwhile banks are set to once again increase their bonuses

RBS government
Public share holder £65 billion pounds input to keep bank afloat

Square mile banker’s banquette ball for charity
Champaign Boris Johnson, says banks need to step up to the new measures to stop the bonus culture, but bankers say they care not that people do not trust them and will not moderate their bonus structure.
£640,000 topped up with £1 million, this years bonuses said to reach £7 billion pounds.

20,000 jobs lost in Lloyds banking jobs.
Redundant staff felt that they were failed by their employees.

50,000 job losses in financial sector
Gerant Anderson talks money and the ruthlessness involved with little or no risk to bankers. This encourages reckless gambling with monies.

70% of the public have no trust in banks or bankers.

After treasury enquiry £8.3 million given to top boss
RBS deputy given 13.5 million pension pot, now works for another company owned by RBS

75% people are not happy with the lack of accountability and responsibility of banks.

Integrated finance cost the public many billions of pounds

Bankers who made bad decisions should not be employed in this sector, these are failed bankers.
If people want to see public investment as a good investment in banks then why do banks continue to give the funds away in bonuses?

Tens of thousands of people affected by banks
Crisis not over £81 billion public sector cuts
With public owning a large percent of RBS and Lloyds how many bankers receive more than £1 million pound, RBS has set aside 2 billion for bonuses
Lloyd paid out £200 million in bonuses last year.

$142,000 prime ministers wage

Bankers earn 6 – 8 times more than the prime minister

Bankers are paid offensive amounts of money

Even a 50% tax didn’t curb the bonus culture
It was set as a one off tax; this has been replaced by a banking levy resulting in less that 10% of the banks revenue being used to pay back public monies.

January 29: NUS, UCU and TUC rally in Manchester
The National Union of Students and the University and College Union have joined the Trades Union Congress to organise A Future that Works: National Rally for Young People in Manchester on January 29. According to the NUS, the protest is aiming to highlight youth issues, including access to education, the scrapping of the education maintenance allowance (EMA) and youth unemployment.
January 29: London national demo
The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts and the Education Activist Network have organised a demonstration the same day as the NUS-backed rally in Manchester to provide a London focus for demonstration. While the UCU have backed both demos, NUS president Aaron Porter has criticised the demo as ‘unhelpful’, calling it ‘the wrong tactic at the wrong time.

March 26: NUS and TUC spending cuts demo
The NUS and TUC will join forces again in March for a demonstration against the spending cuts. March for the Alternative: Jobs, Growth, Justice will see both groups marching to a rally in Hyde Park calling for a Robin Hood tax on the banks, the closing of tax loopholes and policies for jobs and green growth.
The Government has also been charged with acting unreasonably after it took £250 million from Servicemen’s allowances but failed to deal with bankers’ bonuses.

Legislation’s that are being debated that will effect a majority of British citizen’s

Ask Her Majesty’s Government what is their policy regarding the growing gap between the rich and the poor in the United Kingdom.
Ask; whether they have any plans to limit bonuses to be paid to senior Royal Bank of Scotland staff.
Ask the to call attention to the language and terminology used in the House of Lords and their impact on public understanding of the work of the House
Ask what plans they have to offer support to 16–18-year-old students in full-time education.
Ask what steps they are taking to improve corporate governance and accountability with respect to social and environmental issues.