Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Cuts Camden People Fight Cuts Feb 28th UNITE JOIN AS ONE 26th March London

STOP THE CUTS Camden People rally to Fight Cuts Monday February 28th All People throughout the lands UNITE JOIN AS ONE 26th March London People's Assembly on MassWE need a new Staring point a NEW People's Constitution, made for the people for the PeopleHow many people would like to see the following, Point one as a starting point?The People's CharterThe 26 Points1. We the People are demanding The law of the land apply within parliament with a fully transparent and a just system favouring democracy of the people, whereby the government and police are held to account for their actions against the people.2. We the People are demanding that members of parliament appointed and acting on behalf of the people shall have no other vested interest other than that of the people.3. We the People are demanding an end to injustice.4. We the People are demanding an end to illegal wars.5. We the People are demanding banks give their bonus money back and return monies borrowed from the public purse.6. We the People are demanding that all Mp's pay back their expenses claims, any members who are shown to have claimed more than 10,000 in any one year will be sacked unless just cause can be shown as to why it was so excessive.7. We the People are demanding that banks stop operating as high profit businesses, and stop investing in non sustainable assets. Furthermore that 50% of their gross profits will be directly reinvested to benefit all people and the environment.8. We the People are demanding an end to mortgages.9. We the People are demanding access to affordable houses and housing for all unarmed response unitWhat about the innocent approach? Dressed for lawful order and peaceful protest, not for battle. The UK government is openly and harshly condemning the abuses being carried out on People in Middle East with police and security forces acting unlawfully and in direct contravention of human rights. Now is the test; if the people on the 26th all act peacefully but firmly then they will be able to push past the points of least resistance. If the police then choose to be aggressive, the People should all move in a big or many small circle/s towards an objective/s for the point/s of change, there are several places TO DEFEND FOR THE PEOPLE.If these places belong to the people then the people should try to keep them in order and maintain their integrity for defence.Kettling Downing Street and Parliament is not an inconceivable move with enough of the collective People.Instead of grab your banners and pitch forks, it's grab you banners, tents and provisions, mobile phones, cameras and balls. If the police are then openly aggressive to innocent peaceful people it will be clear and viewed by all, not just here, but around the world. This will be a powerful message in the truth.This time we come in peace not surrender. This is not to say people should not protect themselves, we openly encourage it, as it is almost 100% predictable that when faced with such numbers and non compliance, police will choose to act unlawfully against the peaceful protestors. It is Now Time for the police to choose who they defend, the rights of the People or the unlawful moves made upon the People by the government/s, who are by their own hand acting illegally.People have the right to peaceful protest. At this point the choice of how the police respond to peaceful resistance and non compliance will be theirs and theirs alone.It is suggested that with open hands instead of fists the day may see change without blood shed. Integrity and responsibility must be an integral part of the People's actions collectively on the day of the 26th of March and for the following days.If the police and government/s do not have integrity, honour and scruples about them, this does not mean that we the People should loose ours or our objectives for peaceful change. This countries illicit government/s and MPs with their arms sales to oppressive regimes are proclaiming it is in full support of democracy and people protesting peacefully. So it is NOW TIME to call their bluff, no rough stuff, be tough and resilient, after all we must give them a choice to leave on their own merit or by the will of the people. If the regime then chooses to be openly violent when they are not being faced with peaceful résistance, then after 24 hours of order the cheek will turn back and face its oppressors